Sunday, September 1, 2013

Watch, HandBags & Shoes

It's common & normal for lady to have various handbags & shoes for various activities, such as Work, Play, Formal Function, etc. Moreover she's to match with the clothes & blend with the fashion. Most interesting if she likes a particular brand, usually she'll have a series of it!

My client converted the store room of her semi-D house to put her bags & shoes. All the famous brands in Orchard Road is there! Another lady client displays her handbags in an open rack at the rest area on an upper level of her 3 1/2 storey terrace house! 

There goes the same as watches. It's weird, perhaps rude, to wear your gold or jewellery studded watch to a funeral. The formal watch circle always recommend that one should have a Work, Dress or Formal Function, Sport, & Casual Watch.

If you're a Diver, so your Work Watch is also your Sport piece. Well for the suited lady or gentleman, a Dress Watch will double as Work item. It's unwise to wear your rose gold or ruby studded watch to the pool or flea market.

As the saying goes: What you wear Reflect the Real You! One needs not be a Star or Super Rich to Dress Right. From cloth to shoes, if you choose to wear anyhow, the crowd will know that you don't even know basic!

Happy Watching. 1/9/13, 7.10pm. 

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