Friday, October 21, 2016

Swatch Sistem 51 Irony

The ' Star of David ', & Markers with Second, Numeral & Hour layout on the beige colour Dial rushed my purchase of this Sistem Soul once it's launched. Not the usual Plastic but Steel Case & Buckle with Leather Strap. Very Creative Design.

As usual Swatch makes artistic box packaging in addition to her Funky usually quartz watch. Now this's her 1st Fully Automated Watch with only 51 Parts & an Astonishing 90 Hours Power Reserve!
It has 7 individual designs with date, at the average price of S300 each.

Swatch is the parent company of many branded watch. This's my first Swatch watch. Hope this series will become Collector's selection in the future.

21/10/16, 8.15pm

Friday, July 8, 2016

Tudor King

if there's a Rolex King, this Day Date must be Tudor King. an article i read last month mentioned that Rolex wished to stop Tudor from making more Day Date as the younger brother disturbed the sale of the older brother.

Rolex's Founder loved the Tudor era of his English roots. Also to create a less expensive version of Rolex thus many can afford. that's the birth of Tudor. many earlier Tudors used Rolex parts especially the Crown.

not only the parts, designs, even the names too. my 1st Tudor, a stainless steel & gold, mini submariner.

this 39mm Day Date Diamond Markers was in fact Love at First Sight. i got it with Ah Q's philosophy, since i can't afford the elder brother, grab the younger one.

enjoy both watches.

Happy Tudoring

Friday, July 24, 2015

Dive Watch Extraordinary

i'll certainly swim or dive with this self-winding macho piece. with its rubber strap, screw-down clown, 200m water resistant, clown at 4 o'clock & rotational bezel certainly has the dive quality. a watch that can be on land & in sea.

although it isn't a big name in dive watch compare to rolex or breitling, it's the reliable & affordable seiko. i'm not a fan of this reputable japanese brand but her quality, design & price earn glory.

within my budget, i compared several brands, oris, breitling, tag heuer, citizen, casio, before settled on seiko. even in seiko, there're several designs.

this's my 3rd seiko. the first a world time. 2nd a dive watch 100m stainless steel bracelet (see earlier post). to be exact, i'd a classic stainless steel seiko in sec 1. it's stolen during p.e. lesson. left it in the classroom.

infact i'm not a fan of any particular brand. i buy more of her design & type. for eg, skeleton watch, chronograph, dress watch etc.

as a watch dealer put it ' you must enjoy your watch '. & a dear friend who's a weird watch collector said ' one can't buy all the brands '.

happy watching   24/7/15, 6.20pm

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Weird Watch Man

recently a pal's white gold bezel blancpain was hospitalised. can understand that to him it's too precious to wear the patek annual calendar daily. but what about the rolex sea deweller? again for special occasion only?  he wears the qtz tag heuer sport instead. thought he's against qtz watches!

he felt he's conned into buying that used blancpain at an auction. from day one its accuracy sucks! then twice magnetism problems. under warranty it's solved without paying a cent.

one day, unintentionally he put the watch above a speaker. the watch stopped shortly. the blancpain technical agent told him it's magnetized. the repair cost was 1k. he offered $500 claiming that the watch had lots of problems since day 1. the agent rejected.
now the watch is with a repair shop awaits spare part. it'll cost him $650. no one knows when it can be discharged.

he's many other watches mainly qtz & many watch stories too. a gold eberhard chronograph watch with a pusher came off! no spare part. a gold rolex with 3rd party gold bracelet. serviced and damaged by non rolex agent! he felt no face to wear the rolex 6694.

paid school fees to learn about watches he said.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rolex Submariner Seiko

seiko a pioneer brand that swept the swiss watch industry some 5 decades ago proved that japanese watch just like her electrical/electronic items, & cars is of very high standard. common to hear japanese benz, bmw...

now this seiko dive watch except the price looks the same as rolex submariner or even sea deweller, especially from a distance! her water resistant level is quite good at 100m. 

some other brands do make ' rolex ' but this's the best. moreover it's a seiko, automatic & not quartz movement. not fake watch.

one unlikely to swim or dive with a rolex but will certainly do with this fast selling seiko.  

this's my 2nd seiko watch. the other one is the 130th anniversary special edition, world time. both are love at first sight.

14/7/15, 10.30am.


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gucci For Sale

1000 pcs worldwide. Gucci Limited Edition Chronograph Automatic. 40 x 14mm. Original Black Alligator Leather Strap & Buckle. Box & Certificate. Mint Condition. $2288. Interested Party please email to

Monday, March 10, 2014

Rado & Love

RADO, one of the big names of the old days is still around. i hardly know malaysian singer Issac Dang. he impressed me not of his singing or look but his mention in an interview that he still keeps the more than 40 years old Rado watch his dad gave him when he moved to Taiwan. according to him the watch was out of order already but he still keeps it for it reminds him that time is precious. guess love too!