Friday, September 13, 2013

A Teacher's Girard Perregaux

Mr Chua, my sec 1 Science Teacher cum Disciplinary Master of Beatty, nickname Bull Dog, was a no nonsense short & stout man with a stern look & a body builder/weightlifter kind of body. Pupils feared much when he conducted public canning!

Well, one day he came in to the class with a rare smiling face! He happily showed the class his new Stainless Steel Mesh Round or Cushion shaped Girard Perregaux watch! That's my 1st time hearing such brand. What a long & difficult to pronounce word! 

Although, at least in this part of the world, GP has yet to enjoy that kind of glory of the Big 4 & Rolex, it's Very Grand History & Technicality. Her Vintage 1945/1960, Ferrari & BMW , Sea Hawk, & the Cat's Eye range are Well Respected & Much Sought After. Not forgetting the Signature Tourbillon with 3 Gold Bridge & Jewellery Studded Pocket Watches!

In 1854, the couple, Constant Girard & Marie Perregaux, acquired Jean Francois Bautte's factory. Two years later, GP was officially formed. In 1880, 1st Wrist Watch created by GP was for German Emperor Wilhelm I. Tourbillon with 3 Gold Bridge created in 1867 was banned from taking part in the 1901 Universal Exhibition in Paris, reason was it's Too Good! In 1970, it launched Switzerland's 1st Industrial Production of Quartz Wrist Watch.

Some years ago, I'd the privilege to visit the Girard Perregaux 220th Anniversary Exhibition in Singapore. Worth it really! 

Interestingly even after visited such a rare, historical & grand expo, I didn't have that kind of desire to collect GP watches. Whenever I come across this brand, it'll remind me of that teacher Mr Chua, though 4 decades had passed. Recently by chance I was attracted to this Vintage Girard Perregaux 1945 Black Dial Gold Filled. The Seller did a good job to give this Hand-Winding, Anti-Magnetic, WW II period watch a New Life. Frankly it's within my budget & I bought and Dedicated it to him, Mr Chua, my Science Teacher. Well there's a famous Chinese Saying: One Day As Your Teacher, Whole Life As Your Father. Moreover locally Teacher's Day is in September, so such purchase & dedication blend well.  

Happy Watching. Friday, 13th Sept 2013, 12.36pm.

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