Friday, September 20, 2013

What! Watch!

This page is dedicated to Watch Designers whose designs could make one's head turns, eyes grow bigger, & exclaims What a Watch! Picture speaks louder! 

This page will be updated regularly. Happy Watching, 20/9/13, 6.25pm.  

5.10pm, 21/9/13

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hi 5 USA Watch

Ball, Hamilton & Vulcain are the 3 most popular American watches in the modern day watch market 'monopolised' by the Swiss. 2 lesser known brands are Waltham & Elgin. 5 of them have rich history & heritage. In this issue will not talk about USA Fashion Brands eg Coach. Fossil, Kenneth Cole etc.

The 1st American brand is Waltham, 1850. Also known as American Watch Co. Fom 1850 to 1957, it produced about 40 million high quality watches & clocks etc. Abraham Lincoln owned one. Ford cars used its speedometers. MIT began work on the Apollo navigation system with Waltham. Astronaut David Scott used a Swiss made Waltham when his Omega was damaged. Although impressive history, Waltham suffered bankruptcy fate & changed hands a few times. In around mid-50s, Waltham Watch Co set up a 'branch' in Switzerland. Now Waltham watches in the USA market belonged to another group that Made in China. So only Swiss made Waltham has that originality. 
Here's a fantastic Vintage Waltham with Second Sub-Dial Full Stainless Steel, Hand-Wind, with Speidel Stretch Band. Probably from the 50s.  

Premier is an attractive word! But what really attracted me to add this is the total design, full gold filled, including the Speidel Stretch Band. Hand-Wind. 26/9/13, 8.48pm.

Vulcain, 1858, created the 1st alarm complication for watch. Till now its Cricket Alarm Watch is still in very popular demand & command a hefty price. Another plus point is, Vulcain gives American President her watch, thus gained the name of The President's Watch. Well, Swiss movement are involved. If you wish to be the next President of your club, community or country, wear a Vulcain. Haha! There's this urge in me to wear one because I was the Founder President of S'pore first registered angling club, & President of a college's alumni. 
A Gold-Filled Vintage Vulcain Classic, Hand-Wind. It'll give me the choice to fix the Colour of the Band.

Elgin, 1864, also known as National Watch Co. Lord & Lady Elgin is the Premier range which have beautiful Art-Deco models. Only Vintage Elgin is worth your collection. As mentioned in her note, due to change of owners many times, new Elgin has no relation or connection with the old. 

Ball, 1891, is a hot favourite among Young Professionals or Businessmen. This might be due to its Macho looks. Unfortunately I ain't a Ball fan. Haha!

Hamilton, 1892, in her note it stated it's America Finest Watch & comparable to Patek etc! One of its very famous & iconic model is Ventura which have relation with the late Elvis! 
Full Gold-Filled Vintage Classic Hamilton, Hand-Wind.

Pocket Watch if you like then you'll love Elgin, Waltham & Hamilton. They've beautiful Pocket Watches. 

For a change from Swiss or Japanese Brand, go for an American! Don't Cry For Me Argentina!

Happy Watching, 17/9/13, 8.45pm.

Friday, September 13, 2013

A Teacher's Girard Perregaux

Mr Chua, my sec 1 Science Teacher cum Disciplinary Master of Beatty, nickname Bull Dog, was a no nonsense short & stout man with a stern look & a body builder/weightlifter kind of body. Pupils feared much when he conducted public canning!

Well, one day he came in to the class with a rare smiling face! He happily showed the class his new Stainless Steel Mesh Round or Cushion shaped Girard Perregaux watch! That's my 1st time hearing such brand. What a long & difficult to pronounce word! 

Although, at least in this part of the world, GP has yet to enjoy that kind of glory of the Big 4 & Rolex, it's Very Grand History & Technicality. Her Vintage 1945/1960, Ferrari & BMW , Sea Hawk, & the Cat's Eye range are Well Respected & Much Sought After. Not forgetting the Signature Tourbillon with 3 Gold Bridge & Jewellery Studded Pocket Watches!

In 1854, the couple, Constant Girard & Marie Perregaux, acquired Jean Francois Bautte's factory. Two years later, GP was officially formed. In 1880, 1st Wrist Watch created by GP was for German Emperor Wilhelm I. Tourbillon with 3 Gold Bridge created in 1867 was banned from taking part in the 1901 Universal Exhibition in Paris, reason was it's Too Good! In 1970, it launched Switzerland's 1st Industrial Production of Quartz Wrist Watch.

Some years ago, I'd the privilege to visit the Girard Perregaux 220th Anniversary Exhibition in Singapore. Worth it really! 

Interestingly even after visited such a rare, historical & grand expo, I didn't have that kind of desire to collect GP watches. Whenever I come across this brand, it'll remind me of that teacher Mr Chua, though 4 decades had passed. Recently by chance I was attracted to this Vintage Girard Perregaux 1945 Black Dial Gold Filled. The Seller did a good job to give this Hand-Winding, Anti-Magnetic, WW II period watch a New Life. Frankly it's within my budget & I bought and Dedicated it to him, Mr Chua, my Science Teacher. Well there's a famous Chinese Saying: One Day As Your Teacher, Whole Life As Your Father. Moreover locally Teacher's Day is in September, so such purchase & dedication blend well.  

Happy Watching. Friday, 13th Sept 2013, 12.36pm.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Twin Watch

It's an art to fake, clone, copy or replica a product to look like the Real One! Care whether be it a bag, dress, jewellery or watch, lots of skill & capital costs are involved. 

Hong Kong is still the no. 1 maker of 'Rolex'. Thailand makes many very Hi-End timepieces affordable. Recall Lady Gaga's remark when she toured Bangkok, Where to find a Fake Rolex? In 2009, I saw small amount of fake watches in Bejing's Fake Goods Superstore, the quality was Poor! Last year mass market of fake items especially Rolex amazed me, but lousy quality. 

I'm not a patron of Replicas, just admire the hard work & production/marketing costs the manufacturers put in. LOOK AT the following Photos carefully & identify the popular brands & models. Some China & Hong Kong pieces prefer not to put in the brand. The selling price of the following is only not more than 1% of the original piece! Aren't you tempted? 

Happy Watching. 11/9/13, 3.30pm

Monday, September 9, 2013

Watch The Big Women!

Recently an int'l watch journal's editor picked his choice of the latest Top 15 women watches. Nowadays ladies are not necessary bigger in sizes, hands or wrists but their watches are! Perhaps it's the watchmaker who tries to create that Big Watch Women!

1. A.Lange & Sohne Saxonia.   2. Blancpain 50 Fathoms.   3. Breguet Heritage Phase de Lune.   4. Bulgari Bulgari 2.   5. Cartier Crash.   6. Chopard Happy Sports Medium Auto.   7. Glashutte Org Pavonina.   8. Hermes Arceau Le Temps Suspendu.   9. Hublot Blue Sapphire.   10. Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Ultra Thin Duoface.   11. Omega Ladymatic.   12. Panerai Radiomir 1940 Oro Rosso.   13. Piaget Altiplano.   13. Rolex Day Date.   15. Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Lady.

37, 42mm dial size for a lady! Many models become unisex. Well, one might think that she borrows her man's timepiece! 

Next to the size. most of the New Women Watch comes in Leather Strap. Other than Breguet, Cartier, Glashutte & Omega, I find others are too Manly or Macho. 

Happy Watching. 9/9/13, 7.08pm.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Watch, HandBags & Shoes

It's common & normal for lady to have various handbags & shoes for various activities, such as Work, Play, Formal Function, etc. Moreover she's to match with the clothes & blend with the fashion. Most interesting if she likes a particular brand, usually she'll have a series of it!

My client converted the store room of her semi-D house to put her bags & shoes. All the famous brands in Orchard Road is there! Another lady client displays her handbags in an open rack at the rest area on an upper level of her 3 1/2 storey terrace house! 

There goes the same as watches. It's weird, perhaps rude, to wear your gold or jewellery studded watch to a funeral. The formal watch circle always recommend that one should have a Work, Dress or Formal Function, Sport, & Casual Watch.

If you're a Diver, so your Work Watch is also your Sport piece. Well for the suited lady or gentleman, a Dress Watch will double as Work item. It's unwise to wear your rose gold or ruby studded watch to the pool or flea market.

As the saying goes: What you wear Reflect the Real You! One needs not be a Star or Super Rich to Dress Right. From cloth to shoes, if you choose to wear anyhow, the crowd will know that you don't even know basic!

Happy Watching. 1/9/13, 7.10pm. 

Watch Investment Fund!

So Serious WATCH INVESTMENT FUND! I prefer to buy the Real Thing & Appreciate It. If anyone likes what I own, he or she can have it at my price. Also can donate some to charities for their fund raising.