Friday, October 21, 2016

Swatch Sistem 51 Irony

The ' Star of David ', & Markers with Second, Numeral & Hour layout on the beige colour Dial rushed my purchase of this Sistem Soul once it's launched. Not the usual Plastic but Steel Case & Buckle with Leather Strap. Very Creative Design.

As usual Swatch makes artistic box packaging in addition to her Funky usually quartz watch. Now this's her 1st Fully Automated Watch with only 51 Parts & an Astonishing 90 Hours Power Reserve!
It has 7 individual designs with date, at the average price of S300 each.

Swatch is the parent company of many branded watch. This's my first Swatch watch. Hope this series will become Collector's selection in the future.

21/10/16, 8.15pm

Friday, July 8, 2016

Tudor King

if there's a Rolex King, this Day Date must be Tudor King. an article i read last month mentioned that Rolex wished to stop Tudor from making more Day Date as the younger brother disturbed the sale of the older brother.

Rolex's Founder loved the Tudor era of his English roots. Also to create a less expensive version of Rolex thus many can afford. that's the birth of Tudor. many earlier Tudors used Rolex parts especially the Crown.

not only the parts, designs, even the names too. my 1st Tudor, a stainless steel & gold, mini submariner.

this 39mm Day Date Diamond Markers was in fact Love at First Sight. i got it with Ah Q's philosophy, since i can't afford the elder brother, grab the younger one.

enjoy both watches.

Happy Tudoring