Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hi 5 USA Watch

Ball, Hamilton & Vulcain are the 3 most popular American watches in the modern day watch market 'monopolised' by the Swiss. 2 lesser known brands are Waltham & Elgin. 5 of them have rich history & heritage. In this issue will not talk about USA Fashion Brands eg Coach. Fossil, Kenneth Cole etc.

The 1st American brand is Waltham, 1850. Also known as American Watch Co. Fom 1850 to 1957, it produced about 40 million high quality watches & clocks etc. Abraham Lincoln owned one. Ford cars used its speedometers. MIT began work on the Apollo navigation system with Waltham. Astronaut David Scott used a Swiss made Waltham when his Omega was damaged. Although impressive history, Waltham suffered bankruptcy fate & changed hands a few times. In around mid-50s, Waltham Watch Co set up a 'branch' in Switzerland. Now Waltham watches in the USA market belonged to another group that Made in China. So only Swiss made Waltham has that originality. 
Here's a fantastic Vintage Waltham with Second Sub-Dial Full Stainless Steel, Hand-Wind, with Speidel Stretch Band. Probably from the 50s.  

Premier is an attractive word! But what really attracted me to add this is the total design, full gold filled, including the Speidel Stretch Band. Hand-Wind. 26/9/13, 8.48pm.

Vulcain, 1858, created the 1st alarm complication for watch. Till now its Cricket Alarm Watch is still in very popular demand & command a hefty price. Another plus point is, Vulcain gives American President her watch, thus gained the name of The President's Watch. Well, Swiss movement are involved. If you wish to be the next President of your club, community or country, wear a Vulcain. Haha! There's this urge in me to wear one because I was the Founder President of S'pore first registered angling club, & President of a college's alumni. 
A Gold-Filled Vintage Vulcain Classic, Hand-Wind. It'll give me the choice to fix the Colour of the Band.

Elgin, 1864, also known as National Watch Co. Lord & Lady Elgin is the Premier range which have beautiful Art-Deco models. Only Vintage Elgin is worth your collection. As mentioned in her note, due to change of owners many times, new Elgin has no relation or connection with the old. 

Ball, 1891, is a hot favourite among Young Professionals or Businessmen. This might be due to its Macho looks. Unfortunately I ain't a Ball fan. Haha!

Hamilton, 1892, in her note it stated it's America Finest Watch & comparable to Patek etc! One of its very famous & iconic model is Ventura which have relation with the late Elvis! 
Full Gold-Filled Vintage Classic Hamilton, Hand-Wind.

Pocket Watch if you like then you'll love Elgin, Waltham & Hamilton. They've beautiful Pocket Watches. 

For a change from Swiss or Japanese Brand, go for an American! Don't Cry For Me Argentina!

Happy Watching, 17/9/13, 8.45pm.

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