Thursday, April 25, 2013

Corum Sold

Quite Unbelievable, Corum sold to China Haidian for $80m! Reported in Straits Times, 25/4/13.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Smart Watches - James Bond

The article in Digital Life supplement amazed me about Smart Watches that could alert u on incoming call, email message etc. Connectivity with bluetooth. Compatibility to iphone, ipad, ipod. Many more very hi-tech functions!
Casio G-Shock is famous for multi-functions. Surprise that big names like Sony, Motorola  are in. Apple, Samsung, Google & LG are coming in. Popular ones are Pebble, Cookoo, Martian & Metawatch Strata.
James Bond, Dick Tracy & Knight Rider must be the Inspiration!

Happy Watching. 10/4/13, 5.02pm.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Watch is a strong point of this American brand founded in 1984. Trendy & Affordable. They also make watches for other Fashion brands. 

Due to my girls's crystal studded stainless steel Fossil watch, I 1st came to notice this brand. Last year was the Dragon Year, & among the many Dragon watches, Fossil was the most striking & affordable. Nice cool Black S.Steel with a large Golden Dragon emblem with Nightproof markers. 

What prompted me to blog about Fossil is recently i was at its 313 Orchard branch looking for a briefcase & her big range of watches caught my eyes. Under her Mechanical Watch range, there's such an Innovation, Automatic & Quartz movements as one! Not found in any other big names. That other race lady staff was friendly & charming but most importantly knowledgeable. 


Saturday, April 6, 2013


J12 is a big seller. now this 2012 Best Ladies' Watch Prize, GPHG, La Montre Premiere, with the fower-like Flying Tourbillon, & Diamonds will surely bring Chanel to the real Watch World. It'll really gives PP's 24-Diamonds a tough challenge. The advantage is this's of Mechanical Movement whereas 24-D is Quartz. A watch for the Woman who knows Brand & Watch!
Happy Watching, 5.42pm, 6/4/13

This's unusual Moon-Phrase & Automatic by Chanel! Recently Chopard added Automatic to her best selling Happy Sport series. Both are getting serious into Watch Business!

Happy Watching, 6.40pm, 20/9/13

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


i've seen many watch-boxes online & at the shops, locally & oversea. other than its price, shape & size, the key question is do i really need one. many of my watches come in nice boxes. 1 advantage is i can see many watches at one go. also convenient if i travel or shift house. the disadvantage is if thief, haha, grab & go.

saw the one i bought with 12 compartments & price was fair for a leather piece. made in china. well due to cny festival, the delivery was delayed. full story in earlier page, unhappy easter.

i've more than 2 dozens of watches, how to put in a 12 piece case. it'll be unfair to the other dozen. ah! my conclusion is put all Quartz watches in the watch-box. now i can see which one needs battery change.

Happy Watching.   9.06pm. 2/4/13.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Gucci Limited Edition

GUCCI is a high-end luxury brand that many love to have. i'm lucky to spot this rare Gucci Limited Edition, 1000 pieces worldwide, Chronograph Stainless Steel, original Black Alligator Leather Strap & pin buckle. 40mm. Automatic. this's my virgin Chronograph watch. commonly Chronograph watch is called 3-heads coz it's 3 '├žlowns'. unlike Cartier & Bvlgari who already have a say in the Watch Industry. lately Chanel & Hermes are coming in too. hope Gucci, this Italian brand founded in 1921, will show its power in the watch industry soon.  

this's my no. 26. infor on my other watches is in What's The Time in

Happy Watching. 1/4/13, 5.23pm.