Monday, May 27, 2013

Water Watch

did u see the Water in the watch? my friend swam with this casual fashion watch in his condo pool! 
according to a Watch Guide, a watch that's marked 10 atm or 100m up is safe for swimming. if your watch has no such indication then Don't ever swim with it. whether it's a casual or hi-end brand, Don't take risk. 
recall a super rich china man murdered his brand new Patek by bringing it to sauna!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rolex = Mercedes Benz

Rolex is like Benz. A Dream Want! If u drive a Benz 200, your wish is to own a 300 in future. Well an opportunity arises & I upgrade my 2 years old 6694 to a 1601 Men Steel & Gold Oyster Perpetual DateJust! It's from 1973. 40 years old & have a new owner.

What caught my eyes is the Original 18K White Gold Bezel & New Rolex Buckle! It comes with a new leather strap. 36mm. Index Bar Markers. Acrylic Crystal. Grey Dial. Chronometer. (Rolex is the first brand to receive Chronometer certification). What more do I want? 

All serious Watch Collectors should have at least one Rolex in the collection! 


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