Thursday, August 22, 2013

Russian Watches

These few days seen many hundreds of Russian Watches, new & old! Their designs especially the old ones are unique, aircraft, war ship, red star etc. Well, even their 2 Top Brands, the materials used & finishings are below standard! Now I give up the idea to have one Russian Watch. Hope in the future they'll improve. 

Happy Watching. 22/8/13, 6.45pm.

24/8/13, 4.45pm:   I've a special liking for the following famous Russians & related:

1.   Yuri Gagarin - 1st human, cosmonaut, to the outer space. 12/4/1961.

2.   Politicians - Mikhail Gorbachev, & Vladimir Putin.

3.   Boxer - Ivan Drago acted by Dolph Lundgren, in Sylvester Stallone's film Rocky IV. 1985.

4.   Bears, Roulette, Winter Wears & Ladies. 

5.   Sports especially Water events & Ballad. 

Note:   I'm not a communist.

6/9/13, 5.30pm
With determination I trust I can find some good Russian Watches. YES! Found the following 2 of the 3 Top Russian Brands:

 MOLNIJA Pocket Watch Wolves:   Vintage 18 Jewels. I need a Pocket Watch because due to my job quite often I give Talk. It seems rude if I've to look at the watch often while speaking thus a pocket watch is perfect. Timing is always important in Talk. I recalled I was only given 12 mins to speak at Hilton/Conrad's
GM Convention! I put the wristwatch on the rostrum. The back of this 50mm piece has Wolves craving. So well done. Isn't it Beautiful?    

Much earlier on I'd scouted for Pocket Watches. Failed. They're either too costly, ugly or simply don't suit what I wanted. I'm very pleased with this new found.

VOSTOK KOMANDIRSKIE Navy Military Marine Ship Watch:   Brand New. It comes with box, instruction note & warranty certificate in few languages. 40mm, Anti-Shock & 17 Jewels.. Like Rolex it has Lock-Crown. Nice Back Picture looks like Bird maybe Eagle. The Red Star & War Ship are Unique.

Hope will enjoy both of them. On the look out for the final Top Brand of Russian Watches.

Happy Watching! 

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