Friday, June 7, 2013

A Rolex Affair

Owning a Rolex is like living in Bukit Timah & drives Benz. Sure you can also live in the East Coast or drive BMW. Equally good. I ain't a Snob or concern of Status Symbol. I merely enjoy this 1905 creation by two Englishmen. 

According to reliable source, Italian giant Panerai used Rolex know-how when she moved into the commercial market! In my opinion, many Panerai watches looked like Over-Size Rolexes! In the resale market, Rolex commands the Best Value! Locally many 2nd hand shops trade in Rolex only! And in the Fake Watch circle, Rolex is widely Copied!   

My first Rolex was her Classic 70s Manual, OysterDate Precision. It's simple with Black Dial & 14k Gold Markers. 30mm. & the cheapest in the 2nd hand shop. haha. (nothing wrong with Used right?). Although the dealer gave it a new black calf leather strap, I felt it deserved better respect. Maroon was the colour i desired. So Rolex watch with Cartier Croc Skin strap! Awesome!

Two years later i'd this urge to upgrade my virgin Rolex. Rome isn't built in a day. Can't afford Gold, White Gold, Platinum, Diamond or Sports Models. Don't like 1/2 gold type, very common. A friend's friend who's in insurance trade, has no less than 10 Rolex watches!

After looking around for some time, also checked my wallet, i traded in for an Oyster Perpetual DateJust, early 1972-3, White Gold Bezel, Automatic, Rolex Buckle in new Black Calf Leather Strap, Dark Grey Dial. 36mm. No intention to change the strap colour for they matched well. Both watches originally came in Metal Bracelet & not strap. Too costly to have it in Bracelet. my no. 26.

I wore this to my recent bangkok trip. The Cobra Skin Strap tempted me well. Moreover it's Year of the Snake.   27/6/13, 7.25pm.

By now you might have noticed that I like Old Thing, haha. Well unlike a dear friend, i can accept any watches that come without Box &/or Cert. Shortly after the trade-off, in a Dream (I always dream of many things), a Voice told me to go for a OysterDate Precision! Hah! That's the model I owned earlier! I Respect Dream & will try to Fulfil it. 

This time round, I got my 2nd Rolex, also to Make Dream Come True! A 1969, Silver Dial, Original Stainless Steel Bracelet, OysterDate Precision! What else can I ask for! I also fulfilled Dream with Omega. Two other brands on the way. In the meantime let me Enjoy All My Watches. my no. 27. other collections in What's The Time,

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Happy Watching. 7.08pm, 7/6/13.

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