Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Twin Watch

It's an art to fake, clone, copy or replica a product to look like the Real One! Care whether be it a bag, dress, jewellery or watch, lots of skill & capital costs are involved. 

Hong Kong is still the no. 1 maker of 'Rolex'. Thailand makes many very Hi-End timepieces affordable. Recall Lady Gaga's remark when she toured Bangkok, Where to find a Fake Rolex? In 2009, I saw small amount of fake watches in Bejing's Fake Goods Superstore, the quality was Poor! Last year mass market of fake items especially Rolex amazed me, but lousy quality. 

I'm not a patron of Replicas, just admire the hard work & production/marketing costs the manufacturers put in. LOOK AT the following Photos carefully & identify the popular brands & models. Some China & Hong Kong pieces prefer not to put in the brand. The selling price of the following is only not more than 1% of the original piece! Aren't you tempted? 

Happy Watching. 11/9/13, 3.30pm

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