Saturday, August 10, 2013

2nd Chance Watches

A large advt of Mido watch inspired me to talk about the 60s to the 80s. The golden era of Affordable watches. Quartz Culture & Strong Competition changed the Watch Scene later.

In those days, Popular & Economical Swiss Brands were Bulova, Cyma, Enicar, Eterna-Matic, Favre Leuba, Mido, Pagol, Rado, Tissot, Titoni, & Titus. Slowly their market share were taken over especially when consumers are richer. Also some new brands were born. 

Rado, Tissot & Mido are Lucky. Now they belonged to the Swatch Group. Cyma is now under a Hong Kong based holdings firm. Bulova, a subsidiary of Citizen. Titus belonged to a HK based Company. Eterna-Matic now a subsidiary of China Haidian. Enicar believed to be with the Swiss. Favre Leuba is with the Titan Industries. Most Unfortunate must be Pagol, the Coconut Tree brand, reliable information about it is Totally Unavailable. Many watch dealers, new & second hand shops, told me it Closed Shop!

Old Bulova, Eterna-Matic, Favre Leuba & Enicar watches can be found in second hand watch shops. Well if you're a Vintage Watch Collector, will you be keen in them?

Happy Watching, 10/8/13, 10.30pm

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