Friday, August 16, 2013

Jaeger LeCoultre

If you feel that this watch is so Old-Fashioned, Tiny (21 x 38mm), & to the extent of Out of Place in this modern big watch era, I'm not at all upset but Very Glad indeed! My objective or goal is achieved. Surely Vintage, hopefully Antique.

This's a Pre-1950 (probably), Gold Filled (not as good as solid gold but better than gold plated), 17 Jewels Mechanical Jaeger LeCoultre, affectionately called JLC. Look at it carefully, a 60 over years old watch comes with Sub-Seconds at 6! Very Advance Technology in those days! In that era, watch must be small & thin (elegant & beauty). Tank model was believed to be transformed from such.

Let's find out what made JLC so Special & Honourable together with PP, VC, AP, they're International Recognised as the Big 4! Haha, in Chinese term, 4 Heavenly Kings.

Remarks on JLC by 3 famous local watch dealers:   1) its Master Movement/Calibre is so good that it's ordered by some other very high end brands & sold for much more monies. 2) IT should be the pick & not Rolex. 3) if your business deal is above $100k, you must wear a JLC. if it's below then a Rolex will do.

Last year at JLC Boutique, the manager showed me a simple stainless steel Reverso, costed S$9k+. She assured that Service or Repair can be done even for the Oldest Vintage piece! 

Their comments & assurance, & the following research moved me to put JLC to be one of my humble collections. Actually some years ago I was already very impressed by its Reverso. A watch that can be flipped over, originally meant for protecting the case when you do sports, eg Polo!

Collaboration between 2 families of genius watchmakers, Edmond JAEGER & Antoine LECOULTRE including his son Elie saw the birth of JLC in 1937. 

Well, long before the partnership, Antoine & Elie LeCoultre with French roots were already very established watchmaker. LeCoultre & Cie was founded in 1866. In 1903, Edmond Jaeger, a Paris-based watchmaker to the French Navy, challenged the LeCoultre about his Ultra Thin Movement.  Of course the LeCoultre took up the challenge. Two Chinese sayings best explained their Battle that turned into Friendship. 'No Fight, No Knowing Each Other' & 'Hero Respects Hero'!

Grandes Complications (Perpetual Calendar, Chronograph & Minute Repeater) were produced in mid-1890. 1902 & for the next 3 decades, LeCoultre produced most of the movement blanks for PP. 1904 for the next 15 years, movements made exclusive to Cartier. 'Galaxy' - an upmarket mysterious dial diamond watch was a collaboration with VC for the American market.

From 1932 to 1985, LeCoultre brand was meant for the North America market. After that JLC label was used. Recent Happening: 2004 - Gyrotourbillon. 2006 - Reverso Grande Complication. 2009 - Hybris Mechanical a Grande Sonnerse with 26 Complications, world most complicated wristwatch (maybe record already broken). 2013 - A Watch to Honour Antoine LeCoultre, 180 years Anniversary! Hundreds of Inventions & Over a Thousand Calibres to its name!

Currently JLC is very active in supporting many Social & Community events worldwide. 1st picture showed Singapore Celebrity Fann Wong's participation of a Charity Auction. Next one showed JLC support of Old Chinese Films.

In addition to Mechanical Watches, JLC also make Quartz pieces. Presently, they've 8 main watch lines: Reverso, Master, Duometre, Rendezvous, Master Extreme, Amvox, Hybris Mechnica, Extraordinary; & a clock: Atmos.

I'm happy with my finding, I'm happy with my Jaeger LeCoultre. 

Happy Watching, 16/8/13, 3.30pm.

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