Friday, July 19, 2013

Old Watch & Condition

1st time visit this mall in Bugis area & found this shop that sells Used Watches. Wow! a dream watch at less than 1k! Upon close examination, Hmmm... the crown & plastic or other material outer case were not original! 1 of the markers half faded! The back & side of the case were poorly polished! Name of the owner, an angpow, was engraved onto this 30 or 40 something years old manual vintage.

The aged owner explained that watch is liked human. Once aged, many parts may need replacement! And don't expect much from old thing! If you want nice watch, get new one! If you can find its original crown, used piece, i pay you $300! And don't expect him to remember exact age of each watch! The replaced crown showed how rough the x owner was. What about the parts inside?

Well, he's soft spoken & acceptable attitude BUT I unlikely will buy it for I've to spend easily another 1k for Restoration etc! This isn't the first time I buy Vintage Watch, uncle, don't try to fool me! 

Photo show a Vintage Watch at its Most Original Condition that I can accept. 
Happy Watching, 19/7/2013, 7.30pm

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