Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rolex the Virgin

after some write-ups on this new hobby in another blog, a strong urge to start a standalone Watch Blog. i'm just a beginner to this wonder world of watches. in, enjoy reading what's the time, the oldest watch, seiko, vintage watch, business times supp, rolex & friendship, & timeless treasure. perhaps you can find your Dream Watch in 

kick off with Rolex, a name young n old, man n woman will know. it's a brand that one loves to own, just like Benz. not too old brand, founded in 1905 by 2 relatives, Mr Hans Wildorf & Mr Alfred Davis in London . many innovations. the earlier Panerai used Rolex movements. feel that Panerai is liked an oversized Rolex Precision or DateJust.

status symbol or snobbishness does play a part. market put it Rolex King, Son & Grandson! if you wear a Full Gold Rolex, they call you a bookie or big brother! if you wear a stainless steel DateJust, they feel that you're not there yet. now Sports range especially Daytona is Hot! even if you can't swim but wear a Submariner, you're Somebody!

now Rolex is still the Best Selling Brand. not really that costly compare to some other brands. resale value is the top. also most copied watch.

if you read Rolex History & News, it's amazing to know it's many creations & achievements, eg the Deep Sea. its Success isn't just marketing or brand snob.

happy watching. 19/1/2013, 2.30pm.

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