Friday, January 25, 2013

Quartz Vs Mechanical Watch

Quartz movement introduced by Seiko in the late 60s shocked & swept the Swiss monopolised watch market! its accuracy, new technology & less costly charm the world even till today. 

although among serious watch collectors & 2nd hand watch markets, Quartz watch usually don't fetch a good price, many Big Names who're the authority in the Complicated Mechanical Movement do produce Quartz watch. the pic above shows the highly publicised Patek Philippe 24-Diamonds Lady watch. Happy Fish & Diamond series of Chopard are Quartz watch.

once asked a big fan of Patek of his opinion of a solid gold Rolex Quartz. his reply was 'Quartz! Free also Don't 1'! 

Mechanical Movement is either Manual Wind or Self-Wind (Automatic). an expert watch dealer highlighted that if your job is desk bound then better don't use automatic watch coz such watch depends on your hand movement. he felt a guy who's always on-the-move suits Auto watch better. 

Battery of Quartz watch needs to be replaced once a year. of course some last longer. Don't leave the dead battery in the watch for too long. it'll damage other parts.

Mechanical watch best to be serviced every 3 to 5 years to lubricate its parts, check accuracy etc. watch dealers or technicians also recommend that.

whether it's Quartz or Mechanical Watch, one must Enjoy what he or she owns. 

pic below shows an Automatic watch by the Creator of Quartz movement, Seiko.

Happy Watching!     25/1/13, 8.00pm. 

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