Thursday, July 23, 2015

Weird Watch Man

recently a pal's white gold bezel blancpain was hospitalised. can understand that to him it's too precious to wear the patek annual calendar daily. but what about the rolex sea deweller? again for special occasion only?  he wears the qtz tag heuer sport instead. thought he's against qtz watches!

he felt he's conned into buying that used blancpain at an auction. from day one its accuracy sucks! then twice magnetism problems. under warranty it's solved without paying a cent.

one day, unintentionally he put the watch above a speaker. the watch stopped shortly. the blancpain technical agent told him it's magnetized. the repair cost was 1k. he offered $500 claiming that the watch had lots of problems since day 1. the agent rejected.
now the watch is with a repair shop awaits spare part. it'll cost him $650. no one knows when it can be discharged.

he's many other watches mainly qtz & many watch stories too. a gold eberhard chronograph watch with a pusher came off! no spare part. a gold rolex with 3rd party gold bracelet. serviced and damaged by non rolex agent! he felt no face to wear the rolex 6694.

paid school fees to learn about watches he said.

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