Sunday, June 16, 2013

Frederique Constant

16/6/13 is Father's Day in Singapore. I'm happy to enjoy the occasion by writing on my hobby.

About 18 months ago, heeling advice by veteran & serious watch collectors, I went for Limited Edition. And I found an impressive one within by budget. A relatively new & unknown brand to me. Decided to understand it better. The following findings convinced me to go for it.

1. Heart Beat Manufacture, Watch of the Year of up to 3000 euro by Horloges Magazine in 2005.

2. Produce Silicium Escape Wheel (1st introduced by PP in 2005) in 2007.

3. Create Silicium Escape Wheel with Tourbillon.

4. Since 1988, the Founders Ms Aletta Bax & Mr Peter Stas believed that:

a. to enjoy hi-quality & timeless yet classical watches at sensible prices.

b. each watch is hand-assembled & is checked & controlled over a long period of time - by both
    humans & special equipment to ensure optimal quality.

c. charity works.  

In addition to my Vintage Rally Collection, they've Manufacture, Ladies Automatic, Runabout, Carree,
Art Deco, Delight, Junior & Jewelry.

Mine comes in 1888 pieces world wide only. It has a beautiful big box & a vintage car in it. A cert signed by Mr Peter Stas. What else can I ask for? Some months later I was in an Exotic Skin Shop. Believe me or not, I saw a Green Croc Leather Strap that matched well with my Frederique Constant Healey Challenge's Logo! Although it can't fit with the original buckle, I don't mind it at all. The Green Croc leather strap brings out the Watch very well. The amount of onlookers & admirers double!

Panerai was relatively unknown but now is in great demand. Hope one day Frederique Constant will enjoy such success too. Haha! Buy now before that dream comes true!

For more information, surf Happy Watching, 4.13pm.



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