Tuesday, April 2, 2013


i've seen many watch-boxes online & at the shops, locally & oversea. other than its price, shape & size, the key question is do i really need one. many of my watches come in nice boxes. 1 advantage is i can see many watches at one go. also convenient if i travel or shift house. the disadvantage is if thief, haha, grab & go.

saw the one i bought with 12 compartments & price was fair for a leather piece. made in china. well due to cny festival, the delivery was delayed. full story in earlier page, unhappy easter.

i've more than 2 dozens of watches, how to put in a 12 piece case. it'll be unfair to the other dozen. ah! my conclusion is put all Quartz watches in the watch-box. now i can see which one needs battery change.

Happy Watching.   9.06pm. 2/4/13.

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