Thursday, March 28, 2013

UnHappy Easter Watch-Box

in jan i bought a Watch-Box online from after making the full payment online, her partner merchant Voxxus Marketing email me saying that Delivery will be slightly late coz her China factory already closed for Chinese New Year! that's the 1st disappointment! i bear with it for companies in China usually close much earlier for the festival.

now 2013 CNY was on feb 10, & i presumed those China shops rested for 15 days. so they should be back to work on feb 25. i waited till the 1st week of mar to contact Voxxus to see the status of the delivery.
her email reply was on-the-way. on the 2nd week she apologised for the delay, still on-the-way. 3rd week she said already at the Custom Office waiting for clearance, & will expedited the delivery. on the 4th week the reply was sending. when i pressed further, the reply was already with the Courier, Maxcellent. i put this week as the 5th week. told her that i expect it to reach me this week, final, if not i'll take necessary action against all of them. i waited till wed, mar 27. the reply was surely i'll receive it instantly unless no one was in.
told them all were in but no sign of the courier. told them i expect it to reach me by thu, 7pm, the latest. if not i'll take action.

today's thu, the dateline for me to receive the Watch-Box. this morning received an email from the merchant saying that the courier ensured all goods were be delivered to all buyers by this weekend. tomorrow's Good Friday. & she said that she already instructed the courier to deliver mine asap. now's 9pm, 2 hrs passed the dateline i gave. still nothing.

at this point as i email the merchant & earlier that it's a horrid, lousy & frustrated experience dealing with them. do they really have the product? what courier arrangement was made? 1st dealing with them. So Disappointing! should i get documentary proofs from them? told her if no product, full refund + compensation of kind.

i use courier often too & all deliveries are instant. purchase online too & all transactions were smooth.

gave them a final chance. as she said courier promised to deliver all goods by this weekend. so i should get mine. will take more serious action against them if they still fail.

good at making empty promises, time wasting & delaying. should i unsubscribe from
i can afford to lose, only $50+, but don't like to be "cheated"!

they failed again! now 2.33pm, 1/4/13, still nothing!

this morning, 2/4, received an email from the merchant highlighting the Courier's contact nos. its manager was unsure whether his delivery man did come last week & no one was in! this's the 1st time i'd to liaise with the
courier by myself!

it's here eventually at 6.45pm.

from this incident i learnt if the product is from China, don't buy it before, during & after Chinese New Year coz the shop in the native land will close for long holidays. likewise if the item is from Europe or USA, watch out for the Xmas & New Year holidays. a friend in the chemical trade ordered the goods from Germany in Nov. received her note that production is closed for the festival. provided you can wait or the merchant promises delivery before the festival otherwise it's going to be a long wait!   10.45am, 3/4/13.

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