Saturday, February 2, 2013

Which Watch?

in this modern & hi-tech world when mobile phone & computer can show the most accurate time, Do You Still Need A Watch? YES YOU DO coz by having a Watch on your Wrist, it Balances Your Look & Style. & Make A Better You. if you prefer call it Fashion & Status Symbol.

they're few hundred brands & thousands of models so which watch is for you? it's actually very easy to decide.

1. what shape or design you want or attract you?

2. what kind meaning Quartz, Automatic or Hand-Wind type?

3. what function i.e. basic, sports, diving etc? pilots told me they don't wear or need a Breitling Pilot to fly. 
    divers said they don't need a Rolex Deepsea.

4. what other functions? complication, grand complication, dual time, world time, moonphrase, power
    reserve, perpetual, annual calendar etc.

5. what technical details? usually most wearers don't bother about this. it means for eg in mechanical watch
    how many jewels, movement speed, chronometer etc.

6. what brand & $? well here's a tough choice. you might like AP but you only have $1k. save. 

7. what's next? after your first basic watch, you usually will eye for the 2nd one. streamline your choice:
    vintage, limited edition, sports, out-of-production model, investment value etc. if you're curious to 
    know how many watch i've now, haha, 25 is the answer.

VIP you must like & enjoy your watch. Don't Forget your next few generations can benefit from what you own now! Happy Watching.   6.10pm.


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